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Cryptocurrency tokens or coins are considered “burned” when they have been purposely and permanently removed from circulation. As of today (11/3/2021) 41% of the Shiba Inu tokens have been burned.

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Shiba Inu is a token and cannot be mined. It is built on the ERC20 platform which are issued on the Ethereum network.

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ShibaSwap was created to provide an ecosystem where cruptocurrencies can be trade safely and decentralized. The community also has a vote on how the platform is used and which token are supported.

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Where To Buy

Shiba Inu is being listed on new exchanges weekly. Unlike other cryptocurrencies Shiba Inu hasn't paid anything to get listed on exchanges. Value is the only reason it's listed anywhere.

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This is a hummdinger of a topic... I'm open to "evidence" to the contrary and will update ASAP if new solid information is provided. Feel free to click below to see my opinion on the matter.

549,095,509,738,353 SHIB (11/3/2021)

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Staking locks up your crypto in order to earn a percentage back from it. The reason exchanges do this is to have liquidity in the crypto market. Shibaswap and Crypto.com are some options.

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About Shiba Inu

Disclaimer: When I found out about this crypto I though it was a Doge knock off and treated it as such. On threads I would tell people how stupid it was and that it would flounde. The response: they laughed, they joked back and they educated me. I went from thinking it was stupid to getting on board in about a week. The more I learn, the more excited I get and I'm still learning.  I believe the Shiba Inu Ecosystem will continue to evolve as will my understanding. I look forward to my work never being done along with with ecosystem and community.

The Shiba Inu Ecosysem was created on the idea of decentralization, not only from an economic standpoint but also in the direction of the ecosystem as a whole. 

"We are an experiment in decentralized spontaneous community building.."


This is a movement inspired by the true possibility of the democratization of power. Power has been centralized  in every major structure throughout time. Until now. Shibaswap has made it possible to distribute power equally and ethically throughout a major organized structure of people, a true community driven, led and managed by its members.

"We believe through the power of collective decentralization we can build something stronger than a centralized team ever could create. A community-run token is nothing without the united individuals who give it a purpose."



Shiba Inu and Robinhood

So far I've seen CoinMomo post ridiculous news. Don't trust anything they say. Random twitter accounts have also been posting wrong predictions over and over again. Remember when researching to consider the source. Posts from @ShytoshiKusama and @Shibtoken are solid sources. If you haven't already I suggest you follow them.

Why am I doing this?

I'm a very rebellious person and I've spent much of my life kicking bricks. I've let go of some of that and become more successful than ever but there's still that piece in me that's tired of corruption and the pursuit of power by people that desire such things. This seemed like a productive outlet and community.

What happens to Shib donations?

Everything I receive will go towards this website and raising awareness, my monetary gain, if any, will be in my holdings. I currently stake an undisclosed amount of Shib. =)

Where to start?

I recommend reading the WOOF Paper

You will find the reasons I fell in love with this idea. Then hopefully you'll fall in love with the community as I did.


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