Shib, Why I Hold

  1. A couple weeks ago all the Doge holders that were against Shib said it’ll never pass Doges market cap. Done.

  2. I was one of Shibs biggest skeptics 2 months ago. I went into looking at it thinking it was stupid. What peaked my interest was the community.

  3. Supply fiasco. I don’t care who’s fault it is. I don’t need an explanation, what I know is “bugs” are probably as rare as altruism in the financial market. CoinMarketCap had the supply wrong for that long then “fixed” it at the ATH of this crypto? I call bull****. I don’t care what they make up or what the “true” supply is. I mean I care, it just doesn’t affect my holding. Maybe they’re scared, you’ll see why in my next points.

  4. Shib burning. 9 Billion tokens were burned in October. More burns to come as more ways to burn are being implemented by this fantastic community. No tokens can be added to the supply, whatever it truly is right now. Shiboshis, renaming burns tokens. Bigger Studios burn playlist has burned over 100 million already. Games coming out that'll burn more tokens in more ways. Shibarium, it’s own blockchain to lower fees and transactions will burn tokens too.

  5. Shibarium. Significantly lowers gas fees on ethereum network, burns from transactions, another piece for the most decentralized ecosystem yet. Games, Music, NFTs, Music and more on Shibarium.

  6. Bone and Leash have already been released and a AAA game studio is working on a game. This will increase the value of our entire ecosystem. Shib, Leash, Bone and Treats.

  7. Every single day there’s always less Shib than the day before.No matter what. You can’t mine Shib.

  8. Shibaswap. Somebody must have had a premonition on the dev team. We absolutely need our own decentralized place to swap tokens and CoinMarketCap proved it and the devs know they have to do even more to not be dependent on Binance determining our supply and they’ll figure out how to fix it.

  9. We showed we not only don’t need Elon, we’d smash his influence.

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